The Mean Mommy Club of Fredericksburg VA, organizers of the Fredericksburg Zombie Walk, will not be held responsible for the actions of event participants. By participating in this event, you agree to follow these rules. You also agree to ensure that your adorable “undead” children follow these rules. Because you are responsible for your actions and the actions of your children, in the event of your/their injury, death or arrest, we are not financially liable or morally responsible.

1. All Event Participants are required to attend the Pre-Walk Meeting, where these rules will be read and agreed to by all event participants. Please arrive at the Pre-Walk Meeting in costume. Zombies are respectable members of society who don’t leave makeup and garbage all over the place nice enough to let us use their parking lot as a staging area.

2. Don’t touch anyone or anything.
Believe it or not, some people not participating in this event may not like Zombies. Leave the innocent bystanders alone. Perhaps our undead jubilation will infect them and they’ll join us next year.
Business owners will not see the humor in Zombies hanging all over or licking their storefront windows. The City of Fredericksburg is not likely to enjoy our company if we get it dirty.

3. Do not walk into the street. Obey all pedestrian traffic rules.
We’re just pretending to be zombies. You won’t actually reanimate if you get hit by a car.
The organizers of the Fredericksburg Zombie Walk are not responsible for your injury, death or arrest. Next year, we’ll feel bad when we use you as the example of what happens when you don’t follow pedestrian traffic rules, but we still won’t be responsible.

4. Wear an awesome Zombie costume keeping these rules in mind:
No real weapons. It would be fun to carry a real chainsaw around but it’s too noisy for downtown Fredericksburg and probably against the law.
Fake weapons should be easily identifiable as fake weapons to other zombies, innocent bystanders and law enforcement officials.
Your costume should not leave a mess. It would be great if you could leave a trail of intestines or squirt blood or something else that would be dramatic and look cool, but we don’t want to litter or be disrespectful.
Your private parts must be fully covered.

5. Stay on public property.

6. Be the best Zombie you can be.
Dress like a Zombie. A Google image search will help if you’re not sure what Zombies look like. Additionally, there are lots of How to Look Like a Zombie pages and videos on the internet. While planning your costume, please reference rule #4.
Walk like a Zombie. Zombies kind of shuffle along, limping and lurching. Zombies definitely don’t run. This isn’t a race.
Talk like a Zombie. Zombies don’t really say much except for “BRAIIIIIIIIINS”. Aside from that, they moan a lot.
If you need to take a call, get out of the walk line. Zombies look stupid on cell phones.

7. Have fun.

8. Be safe.

9. Respect the city so they let us come back next year.